Agriculture: PALM Côte d’Ivoire Company achieves a profit of CFAF 3.521 billion in 2020


PALM Côte d’Ivoire, a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of crude palm oil, made a profit of 3.521 billion FCFA (5.282 million euros) in 2020, announced the leaders of this company based in Abidjan.

This company seems to come out of the red zone in that the 2018 and 2019 financial years were marked by respective losses of 12.612 billion FCFA and 5.562 billion FCFA. The consolidated financial statements show an increase in turnover of 15.172 billion FCFA, to 119.759 billion FCFA against 104.587 billion FCFA in 2019. Purchases of raw materials amounted to 43.422 billion FCFA against 38.401 billion FCFA. FCFA (+ 13.07%). Other purchases also recorded an increase of 15.69%, from 17.798 billion FCFA in 2019 to 20.591 billion FCFA in 2020.

As for the Transport item, it is down from 981 million to 5.350 billion FCFA against 6.331 billion FCFA in 2019. The same is true of external services which went from 13.413 billion FCFA in 2019 to 12.653 billion FCFA on December 31. 2020. During the period under review, the added value of Palm Côte d’Ivoire was boosted by 44% to 40.669 billion FCFA against 28.315 billion FCFA in 2019. The company’s personnel costs stood at 23.276 billion FCFA. FCFA against 22.034 billion in 2019, an increase of 1.242 billion FCFA. For its part, the gross operating surplus rose sharply by 177% to 17.393 billion FCFA against 6.281 billion FCFA.

After taking into account reversals of depreciation, provisions and depreciations for 370 million and allocations to depreciation, provisions and depreciations for 12.250 billion, the operating result shows a surplus balance of 5.512 billion FCFA against a deficit balance of 3.978 billion of FCFA in 2019.