After Three Years of Intense R&D, Trust Your Water – UAE’s largest and first-of-its-kind water treatment technology all set to serve hospitality Sector


After Three Years of Intense R&D, Trust Your Water – UAE’s largest and first-of-its-kind water treatment technology all set to serve hospitality Sector

  • Local understanding and over 10 years of international experience, are the backbone of the new firm
  • Chemical Engineers on-board designed, built and operate the unique water treatment facility

The new facility will play a key role in tackling the long-term sustainable use of water

Dubai-UAE, 8 November 2021: Trust Your Water (TYW)- a homegrown UAE brand that specializes in delivering water purification solutions, today announced that its state-of-the-art treatment capabilities are now available to the market. The announcement come after TYM’s pilot phase, where the company undertook rigorous testing to enhance product performance, specifications and quality.

Early adopters of this cutting-edge solution include Jumeirah Sadiyaat Hotel in Abu Dhabi and JA Resorts in Dubai.

Developed under the leadership of young- entrepreneur Mohammed Gargash and international experts Lorenzo Salin and Enrico Zanchi, TYW aims to promote sustainability by deploying customized water purification solutions and making pure drinking water more readily available across the UAE while minimizing the environmental impact. Headquartered in Dubai, the TYW system, which is first-of-its-kind in the world, has been designed and created by the in-house team of experts, chemical engineers and partners that possess thorough knowledge of water purification and sanitation.

Commenting on the launch, Mohammed Gargash, Co-founder and Standing Managing Director of TYW, said: “The availability of clean and fresh drinking water is a major concern today, especially in the Middle East region. Government authorities are increasingly looking into sourcing, purifying and distributing water locally in order to minimize cost as well as reduce the carbon footprint. In this context, the launch of Trust Your Water is timely, and I firmly believe our advanced water purification system is ready to revolutionize the market. As a business, consumer awareness is our main tenet. In addition to our solutions, we seek to educate our clients and give them the opportunity to try and test our services before they fully invest with us. As we power through on our strategy, our initial target is the hospitality sector that we believe will benefit from our solution the most.”

At an event held at JA Resorts on X, the TYW team demoed the workings of their Centralized Dispensing Station in the hospitality setting. Designed to process local municipality water, the solution, which has been three years in the making, can now optimally filter, purify and disinfect water by removing particulate matter and microorganisms—making the water fit to be filled in sanitized glass bottles and placed in hotel rooms.

The team also showcased the first Central bottling station in the UAE installed for hotels in the MENAregion as well as the hygiene and safety standards adopted, and certifications and accreditations awarded from ISO, CE, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and Water Regulation, Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority, Advisory Scheme and others.

Talking about the growth forecast of the business, Lorenzo Salin, Co-founder and Standing Sales Director at TYW said, “We are confident in our potential and that’s why we are eager to participate in UAE’s ongoing green initiative. By providing products that are customizable to the customers’ preferences and requirements, we are able to help them save electricity, reduce water wastage and achieve their sustainability mandate. We see a huge potential within the hospitality sector, and also urge residential, commercial and industrial players to do their part by joining the sustainable revolution we have started and make a sizable impact on the wider community.”

Add on the operations side of the business, Enrico Zanchi, Co-founder and Standing Operations Director said, “We are pleased with the initial response we have received for our technology. The UAE market is undoubtedly spoilt for choice when it comes to innovative solutions but what sets us apart is the fact that we can customize our solution to fit the exact needs of our clients, while ensuring that they receive the best possible advice from our team of experts. We thank JA Resorts for their faith in us and giving us a platform to showcase our true value.”

This initiative is also in collaboration with Goumbook, the leading social enterprise promoting sustainable living and green practices in the UAE. As part of this collaboration, Goumbook will shoulder the sustainable goals with TYW.

Goumbook Founder Tatiana Antonelli Abella also commented saying, “As a social enterprise, Goumbook aims for high impact change in its community, which is why we are so excited to have TYW our sustainable partner to further expand on our vision. Together we will lead the way for other companies to see what being global and acting local truly means and this is our main mission as a social enterprise”.

TYW’s solution is commercially available, and a few major hotel chains have already implemented the TYW system at their facilities. With the help of TYW, hotels are now capable of supplying their own water to customers and in turn ease up cashflows, save more and achieve an ROI within 9 to 36 months.

Further adding on his part, Samuel Njoroge Cluster Quality Assurance Manager JA Resorts said, “As we accelerate our efforts and commitment towards achieving a more sustainable and climate resilient future and in line with UN SDG’s, we continue to strengthen our partnership with like-minded organizations such as Trust Your Water and Ghoumbook. JA The Resort will continue to invest and innovate in clean tech solutions with partners who are working hard towards supporting the UAE in achieving a circular economy. The United Arab Emirates recent announcement on UAE Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative, which is a national drive to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, has given us a platform and roadmap to cement our Sustainability Pledge”.

TYW is enthralled, as the firm has recently been accepted under the DTCM initiative of ‘Sustainable Dubai’, and are proud that DTCM officials have acknowledged the TYW products as ‘THE’ standard and benchmark available in central bottling stations within UAE

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