After moving to Dubai, an Essex expat explains how he became a multimillionaire.


After moving to Dubai, an Essex expat tells how he became a multimillionaire.

DUBAI is quickly gaining popularity among British expats.

Inside Dubai, a BBC show, showed viewers the opulent lifestyles of Dubai’s wealthiest expats.

The tiny Middle Eastern oasis is home to an estimated two and a half million expats.

Many British expats have gone there in search of a better life.

In episode two, viewers were introduced to Paul, a millionaire real estate agent.

Paul left his job as a nightclub manager in Essex for a life in Dubai, where he is now a property tycoon.

“We live in an autocratic state with a benign dictator, but it benefits me, and that’s the only way I can see things,” he explained.

“The way of life we can provide for our children as they grow up is something you can’t get anywhere else.”

Paul bought his beachfront property in 2005 for just under £800,000, but it’s now worth £2.2 million.

The multimillionaire works in real estate and now owns one of the city’s largest estate agencies.

Paul’s agents are not paid a salary, but they can make a lot of money on commission.

Agents made around £20,000 for every million pounds of property sold.

“They don’t sell or earn,” Paul explained.

So there’s a lot of pressure.” He gets a cut of every sale and will not tolerate “slackers.”

Nadia, a Mexican expat on the verge of having to borrow money from her family back home, was one of the agents struggling to sell.

Nadia had been in Dubai for four months and hadn’t made a single sale.

She resided 30 kilometers inland in one of Dubai’s cheapest areas.

“You can’t stay in this country if you don’t have a salary,” she explained, “so it means returning home to my family.”

“You travel halfway around the world to support your family.

It’s stressful, but I’m trying to work and give it my all.

There is no other choice, no backup plan.”

Gaynor Scott, who lives in Dubai and Jersey after marrying one of the Channel Islands’ wealthiest businessmen, was also introduced on the show.

“When we went to see our villa, the estate agent told us that David and Victoria Beckham rented it while David was in Japan for the World Cup,” she said.

“So we have a little fun saying that David and Victoria have,” says the narrator.

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