Abu Dhabi’s Zayed University signs MoU with Inja..


Zayed University has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Injazat, the Abu Dhabi-based technology company that specialises in digital transformation, cloud and cybersecurity, to mentor its students on edtech projects. The partnership will see Zayed University match students from its College of Interdisciplinary Studies, with the mentors and practitioners at Injazat to coach and sandbox ideas that solve real world industry issues and challenges. Under Injazat’s mentorship, students will research and evaluate the potential of artificial intelligence in diagnosing learning difficulties, analyse non-traditional schools from around the world to localise and brainstorm adaptation models, conduct behavioural change studies in parents to boost acceptance towards online learning and explore the use and benefits of augmented reality and virtual reality technology in building interpersonal skills, confidence and public speaking readiness in students. The programme will benefit from InGenius, Injazat’s innovation lab that employs the methodology of using agile practices, lean processes, and design thinking to bring ideas to life and Zayed University’s interdisciplinary approach, which is based on radically flipped classrooms, where students engage in deep processing through extensive use of polls, debates, and collaborative work. Coined as ‘Business Challenges’, this collaboration is a key component of the students’ coursework, through