Thursday, August 5, 2021

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism launch three initiatives to boost UAE’s cultural heritage

Abu Dhabi has been on the development front to advance the art and culture of the UAE region. While the artisans of the emirates continue to curlicue their work, the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi has decided to promote the UAE’s cultural heritage as it launches three initiatives.

The Department of Culture and Tourism launched –Abu Dhabi Register of Artisans, the Abu Dhabi Crafts platform, and the recently reopened House of Artisans at Qasr Al Hosn. These three initiatives aim to boost the traditions and cultures that the Emiratis have been upholding for decades.

The first initiative –the Abu Dhabi Register of Artisans caters to an online database that will allow local craftspeople who practice one or more of the listed 17 traditional crafts to apply for certification and membership. The artisans who have registered for the membership can be promoted to the public via the database, giving them an opportunity to take part in training and participate in various fairs, events, and festivals.

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The Abu Dhabi Crafts platform will then help these artisans with marketing and selling their work and creations. With the help of websites and online promotions, they would be able to display and sell their works. Not just that, they can also participate in online programmes that can aid in mastering their skills. In order to be part of the online business, the artistes must present original product designs and adhere to fine craftsmanship.

The promotion of art and culture of Emirati began in April itself, with the reopening of the House of Artisans at Qasr Al Hosn which is a permanent exhibition of traditional crafts and items. The exhibit is a doorway for the visitors to learn more about UAE’s ethereal cultural heritage, precisely its traditional crafts and the materials and techniques used by local artisans.

The aim of the launch of the three initiatives is to safeguard the UAE’s intangible heritage in order to associate skills and knowledge with the region’s crafts and practices so that it can be preserved and passed down to future generations.

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