Abu Dhabi to open large green ammonia plant


NAPLES – A plant will be built in Abu Dhabi for the production of green ammonia using solar energy, getting 200,000 tons from 40,000 tons of green hydrogen.

The plant, reports UAE daily The National, will be in the Khalifa Industrial Zone of Abu Dhabi (Kinzad), with over a billion dollars to be invested in the coming years for this purpose.

“The adoption of sustainability and green technology has gained significant traction within the GCC and greater Mena region over the past few years,” said Abdullah Al Hameli, head of industrial cities and the free zone cluster at Abu Dhabi Ports.

Kizad is a 410-square-kilometre industrial zone next to Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Port, which began operations in 2012.

“The green ammonia project will use solar energy to electrolyse water to split it into hydrogen and oxygen,” the daily reported, adding that “The project at Kizad is one of two sustainable ammonia plants being developed in Abu Dhabi. On Monday, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company announced the development of a massive blue ammonia project at its downstream centre in Ruwais”, a center for oil refining on the coast that is beginning a transformation towards sustainable energy.

Green and blue ammonia are both convenient methods to easily store and transport hydrogen that can be used in fuel for vehicles.

“The UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia have all announced ambitious ammonia production projects over the past year,” the UAE daily noted.