Abu Dhabi National Aquarium will open on November 12


The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium will be home to 46,000 individual creatures…

The National Aquarium is located in Al Qana, a major leisure and entertainment project in Abu Dhabi, which is now 100% completed. It will open on November 12th this weekend.

It will become the largest aquarium in the Middle East, with multiple themed areas in a vast space for visitors to visit.

This is what you will find inside

Abu Dhabi National Aquarium

Your visit to the National Aquarium begins with the National Treasure in Zone 1, which is a lagoon with many different kinds of fish and turtles.

Zone 2 is the Red Sea shipwreck, which features Red Sea shipwrecks, giant groupers (you can’t miss him) and small corals.

Zone 3 is called the Atlantic Cave, where you can enjoy the ray feeding experience; Zone 4 The Sub, an exploration window that reproduces the deep-sea submarine; In the Ring of Fire in Zone 5, there is an interactive island forming projection exhibition.

If the hidden world of the ocean hasn’t impressed you yet, the creatures in the Ocean Magic of Zone 6 will definitely surprise you. The feature here is bioluminescent organisms, which basically means that living organisms emit light. Bioluminescent organisms include many jellyfish, squid, corals, etc.

In Zone 7, the frozen ocean, you will meet and greet puffins. They are also known as “ocean clowns”. This cute bird loves their fish, and each has a unique character that makes them extra special.

After this heartbreaking experience, you will enter Zone 8-Flooded Forest, where there is another reason why your heart beats faster… but for a different reason.

This area is Super snake – Considered to be one of the largest reticulated pythons in the world. The XXL reticulated python is a 14-year-old female, 7 meters in length and 115 kg in weight.

Super snakes share the flooded forest with more than 8,000 fascinating other tropical rainforest creatures. The list includes macaws, toucans, scarlet ibis, squirrel monkeys and other birds.

Abu Dhabi National Aquarium

District 9 is Bu Tinah, which has a large water tank dedicated to raising local wild animals found in Boutina Reserve.

Here, you can walk through the longest glass tunnel in the Middle East, surrounded by divers and 22,000 different animals.

Abu Dhabi National Aquarium

Below are the fare details

General admission – AED 105 for the aquarium tour.
Beyond glass – AED 130 for aquarium tour, behind-the-scenes tour and glass bridge walk.
Butina Dhow -The aquarium tour, glass bottom boat tour and fish feeding cost AED 150.
VIP ticket (Including fast-track pass)-200 dirhams for general admission, behind-the-scenes tour, glass bridge walk, glass bottom boat tour and fish feeding.

Animal encounters will cost you AED 180, including a trip to the aquarium.

You can buy tickets for the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium and here soon.

Abu Dhabi National Aquarium, Al Qana, Al Maqta, Abu Dhabi. Phone: (0)50 123 4455. National Aquarium

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