Abu Dhabi Municipality is organizing an awareness-raising workshop on energy saving


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Abu Dhabi City Council, through the Musaffah Municipal Center and the Department of Environment, Health and Safety, organized a virtual workshop aimed at all members of the community to raise awareness of the importance of conserving energy, environment and protection against pollution, in conjunction with World Environment Day.
The workshop included a lecture on the energy management system ISO 50001: 2018 in Abu Dhabi City Municipality, where a specialist spoke, who explained that the ISO 50001 standard related to the Energy Management System (EnMS) is requirements, conditions and rules issued. of the International Standards Organization, which helps to develop an organized approach to energy management Energy and its use and procurement of its equipment and resources, through the establishment and implementation of programs, initiatives and projects aimed at reducing and delivering energy consumption , improve its performance and efficiency and reduce economic costs, leading to reducing the negative environmental impact and protection against pollution of any kind, whereby institutions, through compliance with this standard, can benefit from these benefits, in addition to reducing dependence on Third party energy suppliers.
The speaker listed the benefits of the ISO 50001 standard, including reducing energy costs, and explained that in accordance with this standard, the energy management system works to reduce and save energy consumption through the use of specific programs and systematic periodic monitoring of energy performance, and work to improve its efficiency. , which helps the organization save and environmental protection.
He added that the ISO 50001 standard certification demonstrates the institutions’ commitment to take responsibility for the environment by ensuring compliance with local and international energy legislation, pointing to the importance of commitment to continuous improvement and keeping pace with technology in the fields and applications of energy efficiency and management and the use of alternative, renewable and sustainable energy sources, giving institutions many gains and benefits at all levels related to energy, environment and sustainability.