Abu Dhabi launches the first virtual school for students impacted by COVID-19


With everything that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected, the education sector is one of them. With businesses and offices taking a huge blow, schools across the globe also have had a major setback. Schools globally had to take to online medium to continue classes and lectures.

As many took to the digital platform to continue schools, many children couldn’t afford to continue their education. Going to schools has been a privilege to many and so was attending the virtual schools. However, students and families who have been affected by the on-going pandemic had to put a halt to their schooling.

Thus, taking this matter into consideration, Abu Dhabi has launched its first virtual charter school to provide continued access to education to the ones affected by the pandemic.

Set up by the emirate’s education regulator, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek), the charter school has been started in partnership with Horizon Private School. The collaboration will offer online classes to students, along with interactions with teachers in case of doubts. The virtual school is said to follow the UAE Ministry of Education curriculum.

The news was also shared by Adek in a social media post which announced that 579 students from 15 different nationalities have already been enrolled in the virtual school.

This new virtual school will be the first to specially offer remote learning for students, aimed to allow children to continue their learning despite the financial constraints posed by the pandemic.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock