Sunday, August 1, 2021

“Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Education” reveals the details of its summer program “Takween 2021”

Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»
The Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority revealed the details of its summer program, “Tkween 2021”, for this year, which launched its first activities on Sunday, and will continue until the end of this year, and includes a variety of educational, educational and recreational activities that will be implemented in coordination and cooperation with various partners, with the aim of investing the summer vacation in Developing the skills of children and parents, enhancing communication and interaction between parents and their children, improving the quality of time children spend with their parents and their social surroundings during holidays and vacations, and engaging and educating all members and institutions of society about the importance of the early years of a child’s life, through the number of activities it will provide in early childhood development.
Eng. Thamer Rashid Al Qasimi, Executive Director of the Special Projects and Partnerships Sector at the authority, said, “Summer activities enhance the capabilities and skills of children in early childhood, and contribute to the consolidation of communication and family bonding and improving the quality of comprehensive care provided by parents to their children, as they are the cornerstone in the journey of growth and prosperity of the child. The most influential in forming the main characteristics of the child, which we seek to possess by all children when they reach their eighth year. Therefore, since the establishment of the Authority, we have been keen to integrate summer activities within our multi-sectoral strategy, to be an essential part of our strategic approach based on knowledge, participation and innovation, during which we are keen on Empowering the child and society, focusing on four main areas of core priority, namely health and nutrition, protection, family support, and early education and care.

He added, “Given the multiplicity of developmental dimensions in early childhood, it requires harmony between multiple sectors, so we are keen to coordinate between the concerned parties in these sectors to ensure consistency and integration of efforts, as many international research and studies show that intervention in one sector is not sufficient to enhance child outcomes. Optimally, pointing out that the areas that the authority focuses on constitute four main sectors in the field of early childhood and cover all the needs of young children, and ensure their growth, development and well-being in an optimal manner if they are properly focused.
Al Qasimi pointed out that Takween 2021, this year will witness the launch of many initiatives designed in cooperation and coordination with the strategic and main partners of the authority.
He revealed the main programs and initiatives that will be launched within the program this year, as they will include the issuance of a valuable set of parenting guides prepared in cooperation with major research institutions and specialized institutes, and a guide dedicated to parents to enrich their experiences and skills in raising a child.
He stated that the program will also provide a valuable set of specialized workshops for parents, and a number of recreational and educational workshops for children.
He also revealed that the authority intends to launch the “Voice of the Child” initiative to establish a consultative council that includes a number of parents and children in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to enhance communication, and the “Dreamers” initiative, to fulfill the wishes of a group of children aged 0-8 years.
Al Qasimi also mentioned that the program will include this year many competitions and recreational and educational activities for children, through the official social accounts of the authority on the communication platforms.
The authority seeks to consolidate sustainable and comprehensive development in the early childhood sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, enabling this vital sector, with a package of integrated development, educational, awareness and recreational initiatives and activities.


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