Abu Dhabi Department of Energy Showcases Abu Dhabi Socioeconomic Module at GITEX 2021


Abu Dhabi, October 20, 2021: The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy’s (DoE) commitment to leave no
one behind as it works to support the transition of the UAE capital’s energy
sector is one of the key elements the DoE is highlighting as it takes part in
GITEX Technology Week 2021, currently underway in Dubai, under the umbrella of Abu
Dhabi Digital Authority.

The DoE is showcasing the Abu Dhabi Socioeconomic Module – part of the
Integrated Energy Model or ‘Energy Cube’ and one of several modules within the Model.
The Module creates a structure for assessing the impact of energy sector
policies on various socioeconomic factors, enabling DoE to find the policies
that deliver the most beneficial results for the community.

“The Socioeconomic Module allows the Energy Cube to generate a range
of socioeconomic outputs, such as Gross Domestic Product, including energy sector
GDP and non-energy sector GDP, employment levels, and inflation among many
others. It develops the DoE’s capacity to assess the socioeconomic impact of alternative
energy policies and supports alignment and coordination of the socioeconomic
outputs with the sector stakeholders,” said DoE Undersecretary His Excellency
Eng. Mohammad Juma bin Jarsh Al Falasi.

“The Socioeconomic Module is a tool that will help support and
inform the policy planning process in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and will be both
based on and informed by global economic modelling”, H.E. continued, noting
that the Module will be used internally by DoE personnel, who have received
extensive training in incorporating socioeconomic metrics into policymaking.

“The Socioeconomic Module will play a vital role in the DoE’s mission
to transition to a future marked by renewables and clean energy, supporting the
Emirate’s position in the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, which in turn aims to
increase the contribution of clean energy in the total energy mix to help reduce
the carbon footprint of power generation. The Module’s ability to measure the
social and economic impact of various energy scenarios could be part of this
journey and will help in the formulation of policies that ensure holistic
impact assessment and steer the government agenda towards the benefit of the community,
economy, and environment” added His Excellency.

DoE is participating at GITEX Technology Week 2021 under the
umbrella of the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, where it will be showcasing a
number of its initiatives to ration energy and water consumption, including the
Integrated Water Management Module, which is another newly developed module from
the Energy Cube. This Module enhances the techno-economic modeling of the
Emirate’s water system, covering desalinated water, recycled water, and

Furthermore, DoE showcased its Energy and Water Consumption Heat
Map Dashboard – a tool that provides a geospatial overview of energy and water
consumption in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.