Abu Dhabi Big Ticket: lottery winners tell how jackpot changed their lives


Lucky lottery winners in the UAE came together to share their good fortune and reveal how hitting the jackpot would transform their lives.

Many people across the Emirates have become millionaires overnight through the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket draw, which has been making dreams come true since 1992.

While there is a temptation to splash the cash on flashy cars and luxury holidays, residents stressed the importance of using new-found wealth to provide for their families.

After purchasing a Dh500 ticket, some have won the grand prize of Dh20 million, Dh15 million, Dh12 million or Dh1 million.

Recent winners of the draw attended a gala dinner in Dubai on Tuesday to rejoice over their success.

The National spoke to some of them about how they plan to spend their winnings.

Dh12 million winner won’t give up the day job just yet

Shivamurthy Gali Krishnappa, an Indian expat in Sharjah, is still working as a mechanical engineer for a stainless steel production company despite winning the grand prize.

“I don’t want to rush into anything,” said the 42-year-old, who had bought the ticket on his own.

“I want to continue life as it was for now and plan properly. The most important thing is to save for my children’s education.”

Shivamurthy Gali Krishnappa with his wife and two children. Courtesy: Mr Krishnappa 
Mr Krishnappa, his wife and two children. Courtesy: Mr Krishnappa

Mr Krishnappa has a four-year-old son who wants to be an engineer like his father and a 10-year-old daughter who dreams of becoming a doctor.

He said both went on a toy-shopping spree after the draw, but now only necessary spending would be undertaken to teach the children how to manage finances responsibly.

“We are still living in the same house in Sharjah. We’re still discussing what the next step would be, but there are plans to build a house in my home country,” said Mr Krishnappa.

Garage owner to use Dh10 million to strengthen family ties

Shahed Ahmed Moulvifaiz, a Bangladeshi car garage owner in Al Ain, secured Dh10 million in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket. Leslie Pableo for The National 
Shahed Ahmed Moulvifaiz, a Bangladeshi car garage owner in Al Ain, secured Dh10 million in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket. Leslie Pableo / The National

Shahed Ahmed Moulvifaiz, a Bangladeshi car garage owner in Al Ain, won his fortune less than a week ago and is waiting to get the funds transferred to him. He also bought the ticket alone.

However, the 55-year-old has already thought up of several plans on how to improve his and his family’s lives.

Mr Moulvifaiz moved to the UAE nearly 40 years ago, but is desperate to bring his wife and two children, aged 15 and 26, to the Emirates to live with him. His son, 25, lives here and helps him run the family business.

“If we have the money and we can afford it now, there’s no reason why we all should be living apart,” he said.

“I want to secure mine and my wife’s retirement years and my children’s future, including my youngest son’s education.”

Mr Moulvifaiz also wants to grow his business and build a house in his home country. He said the one he has now has a weak structure and is not one that he could pass on to his children.

He said he had been buying the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket for nearly two decades, but never thought he would win one day.

Dh100,000 will ease financial pressures

Jayaprakash Mariyan Philip said his Dh100,000 windfall will bolster his finances.  Leslie Pableo for The National
Jayaprakash Mariyan Philip said his Dh100,000 windfall will bolster his finances. Leslie Pableo / The National

Jayaprakash Mariyan Philip, an Indian expat in Abu Dhabi, scooped Dh1 million with nine other people.

The prize was split equally amongst all of them, leaving Mr Philip with Dh100,000.

The 50-year-old said the money was not “life-changing” for him, but helped him reduce his financial burdens.

“I have bank loans of Dh325,000, so I’ve paid some of that,” said Mr Philip, who has been working for an oil and gas company since 2010.

His wife and four-year-old daughter live in the capital with him.

He said he would keep purchasing lottery tickets in hopes that he would strike lucky again.

Dh90,000 will support daughter’s education

Zaheen Kausar will invest her Dh90,000 win in her daughter's future. Leslie Pableo for The National
Zaheen Kausar will invest her Dh90,000 win in her daughter’s future. Leslie Pableo / The National

When Zaheen Kausar’s husband bought a ticket under her name, she did not think she would prove lucky for her family.

However, the 45-year-old was announced as the winner less than a week ago during one of the draws. Now, she is thinking of buying a luxury car for herself.

Ms Kausar travelled to Abu Dhabi from Pakistan to visit her husband, who earns Dh12,000 per month at a transport company.

“We already own a house in Pakistan, so we want to save for my daughter’s university tuition,” she said.

“If there is anything spare left, I might purchase a car.”

The man making the life-changing call

Richard Isaac is proud to be the man to deliver the good news to new lottery winners. Leslie Pableo 
Richard Isaac is proud to be the man to deliver the good news to new lottery winners. Leslie Pableo

Richard Isaac is the man with the honour of picking the winning raffle ticket out of the box and making the life-changing call to the winner.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 5,000 people would gather during a live event in Abu Dhabi to watch the draw take place.

Since 2020, the draw streams live on social media channels, bringing in even larger crowds.

Mr Isaac said multiple lives change for the better if the winning ticket belongs to a person who bought it together with a group of people – a common practice among lottery buyers in the UAE.

“There was one person who won Dh100,000, but he was sharing the ticket with 20 colleagues. It wasn’t life-changing money, but it’s going to do some good for lots of people and everyone needs some good these days,” he said.

Published: April 7, 2021 12:28 PM