Thursday, July 29, 2021

A rare Rolls-Royce that shines in Dubai

Dubai: «The Gulf»

Landed in Dubai on Sunday, a rare Rolls-Royce, one of 20 cars under the recently revealed Phantom Tempus range, which comes directly from Rolls-Royce’s global center of luxury manufacturing excellence in West Sussex. , England.
This collection of cars is inspired by time, astronomical phenomena and the most accurate clock in the universe, the pulsar. This car has irresistible charm and stands as a masterpiece against the Dubai skyline.
The exterior design of the “Phantom Tempus” is characterized by a blue color that embodies the depths and mystery of the universe. Inside, the customer will enjoy a grand star-studded show, where the star-studded headlining forms a masterpiece consisting of fiber-optic lighting, and delicate stitching together forms a star-studded headliner, and the door lining includes hundreds of illuminated perforations, which are enhanced by additional perforations in the contrast leather To add more depth and detail to the design, it reflects an undulating pattern of twinkling stars.
Mamdouh Khairallah, General Manager of the Arabian Gulf Mechanical Center «Rolls-Royce Motor Cars» says: “The Phantom Tempus group is freed from all the constraints of time. The Tempus is therefore a car designed for those who shape the world while carving out a unique place for themselves in our vast universe. The Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai team is delighted to have this masterpiece delivered to the captivating city of Dubai and delivered to our customer.”


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