Monday, August 2, 2021

A Few Reasons to Visit the Republic of the Congo

Avid traveler Amina Mamaty has experienced many countries, but few trips carried as much meaning and personal connection for her as her recent trip to her father’s homeland, the Republic of the Congo. One of the first things Amina noticed that was different from before was that many more West Africans, such as Senegalese and Malians, have been migrating to Congo over the past few years. Some of Amina’s favorite cultural elements she enjoyed in the Republic of the Congo were the amazing cuisine and the music. A huge part of Congolese culture, the main genre of music is called rumba, and Amina says it is impossible not to get up and dance when you hear it. The city of Brazzaville and definitely gives you a suburban feel. A lot of cute hotels are being built there to attract more tourists. Grand Hotel de Kintele is one of the most popular hotels in that area right now. It has a beautiful swimming pool with a view of the Congo River and is definitely a must-see when visiting.


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