Friday, June 25, 2021

A brand-new crescent-shaped lake discovered in the Dubai desert

Every now and then social media catches a new topic talk about or experiment. A new one to catch the attention of the social media buffs of the Emiratis is the new crescent-shaped lake that has been discovered by one of the travellers from the region.

The crescent-shaped lake appeared in the Dubai desert and is right in the middle of the Al Qudra desert, surrounded by golden sand dunes. Completely isolated and in the shape of a moon, this oasis caught social media’s attention when UAE-based photographer Mostafa (@100.pixels) first captured the lake with the help of his drone. He described the lake as ‘another hidden gem, full of wildlife and barely untouched nature.’

Another reason why it is catching everyone’s attention is the fact that the lake appeared just in time for Ramadan. As the UAE is celebrating the holy month, many social media enthusiasts are taking it in a good spirit of celebration.

Soon after Mostafa posted the reel on Instagram, a bunch of other photography enthusiasts also hopped to the place to capture this crescent-shaped lake. Though the spot is slightly difficult to spot, and you might need the assistance of a 4×4 to reach the spot as there is no paved road. However, it is worth the shot!

Visitors have also spotted Arabian oryx gulping down a quick drink at the lake. The species were recently reintroduced into the area as part of the UAE’s far-reaching conservation efforts.

As social media is enjoying this new found lake, it is not the first time a unique discovery like this has happened. This discovery comes after pictures of a pink lake on the coast of Ras Al Khaimah went viral on Instagram recently. Located just off the coast at Saraya Islands, scientists suggested that the natural oddity was caused by red algae in the salty water.

Image Credit: Instagram | @monatamimi77

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