A 48-hour virtual farmers market for gourmet grocery lovers of Dubai


Over the last year since the pandemic commenced, events and gatherings have taken a back seat. Instead, all the events have taken to the virtual world to conduct their activities.

As the physical events head into the digital space, more and more businesses have come up with fresh ideas of functioning. One such community is Les Gastronomes –an online grocery store, that has come up with an attractive new idea for the beloved farmers’ market.

The newly launched virtual farmers’ market is a 48-hour weekly virtual gourmet farmers’ market started by husband-and-wife duo Michel and Stephanie Karkour.

The home-grown gourmet grocery delivery platform –Les Gastronomes in their new initiative will go live every Thursday morning, with fresh produce and limited-stock items available to purchase via a website. This online market can only be accessed once a week.

Products ranging from Italian truffles to French raclette cheese will be available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis. Other items like seasonal fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood, hormone and GMO-free meats, cheeses, coffee, tea and bread will also be on offer. There would also be a mix of local and international produce, from friseline chicory to Yarra Valley Persian feta cheese and a diverse range of tomatoes, including black Krim and beef heart.

The owners share that Dubai has always been high on the lookout for unique seasonal ingredients and they like getting their hands on them as soon as they come in and a 48-hour virtual market would be perfect for that.

Les Gastronomes was born back in 2016 from an appreciation for good meat, and the platform has ever since becoming everyone’s goes to place for high-end fresh produce, luxury groceries and pantry items, as well as about 70 varieties of cheese.

Image: Shutterstock