7 options for a posh vacation in Dubai


Find out 7 new options for a posh vacation in Dubai. Delve into the world of wealth living onboard a historical cruise ship, driving a sports car, or having a full relaxation in the best spa salon. 

Traveling to Dubai is undoubtedly worth it to plunge into the world of luxury and sophistication during your vacation. In a short moment, you would want to try absolutely everything that this city offers to its guests.

In this article, we want to share 7 options for how to have a full blast in Dubai and live a life without worries.

Accommodation in an unusual hotel

As a place to stay in Dubai, you can find a huge number of luxury hotels that offer service rated more than 5 stars. However, what could be more exclusive than a couple of nights on board a historic cruise ship? The cruise ship Queen Elizabeth II, being in one of the ports of Dubai, has opened a hotel on board that can immerse all guests in the era of its outings to the sea. Unlike modern hotels, the cabins have been preserved in their original form, only restored so that all visitors can feel comfortable here. You can stay here for a couple of nights and spend the night in rooms where only members of the royal family went sailing.


An unforgettable hot air balloon ride

Flying in a helicopter or hang glider is great for people who love drive and risk. For people who like to stop for a moment and feel the whole atmosphere from a bird’s eye view, holiday companies offer hot air balloon rides to view the wilderness of the deserts and the life of the inhabitants of the reserve in a quiet and calm atmosphere. Going on a journey with the rays of the sun, you will get the opportunity to fully appreciate the vastness of the golden dune.

Renewal and wellness in the best spas of the city

When we come on vacation, the main goal of most tourists is to relax as much as possible, both soul and body. It is impossible to miss the opportunity to relax in the best spa salons in the world, where experts will prepare a whole range of treatments for you.

Try a whole complex of procedures at Qua Spa, where body care is taken to a whole new level. Body detox with thermal clay, herbal compresses combined with a relaxing massage, therapeutic massage performed with a rose quartz roller are just a few of what this spa has to offer.

Luxury ride in a supercar cabin

The first thing that catches your eye upon arrival in Dubai is the expensive cars that flooded the streets of this emirate. What could be better than renting a luxury car and getting around the city in comfort and trying what this resort has to offer? Rent Porsche Dubai and captivate the goggles of the city’s residents and visitors.

Unity with nature

Not everyone is ready to go on a trip to nature and get rid of comfortable conditions. It is not necessary to relax in nature and deny yourself comfortable travel or accommodation. All this can be combined by choosing glamping.

For this, exclusive hotels were created in the Dubai desert, located on the territory of reserves, where everyone can observe the inhabitants of nature. In the daytime, a jeep trip to the desert is proposed to get to know the animals living in their natural habitat up close, and in the evening you can enjoy an exquisite dinner under the stars in the oasis.

Exit to the bay on a yacht

For a relaxing break away from the city and its hustle, you can rent a private yacht for an unforgettable cruise along the bay. This is a great option for those who do not tolerate heat well. You can take a breeze ride on the yacht’s deck and enjoy a refreshing drink. Moreover, you can go on deep-sea fishing, after which the staff will prepare the catch and serve it to you for dinner.

All conditions have been created in Dubai to live your vacation without denying yourself anything. Royal accommodations aboard a historic cruise ship, supercar rides, comfortable hotels in nature reserves – this is what will truly introduce you to life in Dubai.