5 Unbeatable Car Lease Deals in Dubai Right Now


Car leasing has, in recent times, become favorable to purchasing a new vehicle. For a monthly fee, you get a pristine vehicle and when you’re done, simply return it and upgrade, or cancel the lease. Mechanical issues? Not your problem. Depreciating in value? Not yours to sell. Only need a car on certain days? There are flexible options available.

We had a little sniff around the market with to see what’s currently available for short, long term and flexible leases.

Ford Ecosport

Moosa-Rent-a-Car currently offer a Ford EcoSport for AED110 per day. This tidy SUV crossover has a great ride height for the city, with plenty of room in the back for luggage.

Perfect for those visiting Dubai and wanting to get around in a relatively comfortable ride. The EcoSport is great on fuel, has Tiptronic gear paddles and comes in cheaper over longer periods.

Kia Picanto

You can pick up a Kia Picanto for AED 29 or 203 or 870 per day/week/month at Bab Al Madeena (www.rentacarsdubai.com). Although you might end up feeling a little outclassed down the strip at Palm Jameirah at a weekend, your wallet will thank you after you return it.

Kia Picanto 2020

Kia Picanto 2020

Perfect for a run around from A-B, the Picanto is a no-nonsense, easy-to-drive, low-cost city run about.

Let’s ramp it up a bit.

BMW 218i Gran Coupé

Looking for a little more luxury? www.SIXT.com have the 218i on offer for AED534 per day based on a 6-day rental. With 1200 free kilometres included, this luxury sports class falls just shy of 140bhp so won’t be breaking any records at the Dubai Aerodrome anytime soon.

It will provide you with a luxury, air conditioned ride fit for a Prince’s 3rd cousin, twice removed.

Mercedes AMG GTS 2019

For anyone who quickly skim read and jumped straight to the meat and potatoes, go back and read rest of the article.

This car is not for the feint hearted, or the skim readers. This beast is currently on offer with a AED200 reduction at www.oneclickdrive.com. For AED1,600 a day, you tear up the city in this 4.0liter, 2-seater hot rod. This is AMG’s fastest vehicle in the GT series, so go light on the gas.


One of the most popular options for leases are the pay per key. With pay per key you can choose the car, you let them know how many kilometers you need, and the lease will be tailored to your needs. If you run out of KM, you can add another bundle. You’ll only pay for the miles you drive, so you’re not subsidizing the long lease servicing some lease hires require.

If you’re a resident here in Dubai, passing through or on an extended break, we always recommend checking the terms with any lease hire firm. Some will require local license, some extra information. Always check you’re eligible before setting your mind on the AMG GTS (we know your mind is in that gutter).

For now, there’s plenty more info about driving around Dubai in our essential reading section, like Buying or Leasing, the Pros and Cons, or our Top 5 Motorsport Experiences in Dubai.