Thursday, July 29, 2021

48 winning students in the “Emirates for Young Scientists”

Dina Johnny (Dubai)
His Excellency Hussain Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, honored 48 winning students of the Emirates Award for Young Scientists in its twelfth session, organized by the Emirates Association for the Gifted.
The honoring came in a virtual ceremony attended by His Excellency Lieutenant-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Vice President of Police and Public Security in Dubai, Chairman of the Emirates Association for the Gifted, in the presence of His Excellency Jamila Salem Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Public Education Affairs.
The winners were selected from among the 7,000 students who applied for the award, and 5 students of determination were among the winners. Note that the selection criteria are students who have achieved 100% in two science subjects or more in grades nine to twelve in public and private schools.
His Excellency Al Hammadi said that the Emirates Award for Young Scientists provided a pioneering educational experience by all standards, in terms of standards, objectives and contemporary educational orientation, and these successes would not have been achieved without the great and remarkable support provided by the Emirates Association for the Gifted, headed by His Excellency Dhahi Khalfan, a loyal and dedicated national figure in Education support.
He explained that this prestigious award, which has always provided a sum of knowledge, young talents and student creativity, by embracing the country’s distinguished educationally with a view to igniting competition and motivating students to acquire applied sciences and advanced skills, and the selection of winners according to the standard of academic achievement in two or more scientific subjects. From the ninth to the twelfth grades of public and private schools, this shows the intensity of the competition and the exceptional abilities, which the award monitored and revealed and brought it to the podiums.
For his part, His Excellency Lieutenant-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Vice President of Police and Public Security in Dubai and Chairman of the Emirates Association for the Gifted, said that the “Emirates Award for Young Scientists” has become a milestone in the journey of discovering talented and creative people of this country, and putting them on the path. The correct one that they should be, after the talent discovery mechanism was missing or neglected for a long time, or that it came by chance or through programs that were not sustainable and continuity due to the lack of sponsors and care for them, which reduced and lost many opportunities for discovering energies The latent creativity of our students for many years, and consequently, they lost opportunities to develop their abilities and highlight their potential talents. The country also lost many minds that could have invested in them and benefited from their inventions and innovations had they been discovered at an early date.
He added: Today, the concepts and mechanisms that work to discover talented students have changed, through the vision and goals of the wise leadership in creating a generation of young scientists, and the country’s tendency to be one of the best innovative countries in the world during the next fifty years, through the development of strategies that focus on discovering talents. The latent individuality of male and female students at the early stages of their studies, and the transformation of education systems in educational institutions in the country from mere traditional indoctrination processes, to incubators for innovation and scientific creativity, and provision of the appropriate environment of laboratories and advanced scientific research centers and accelerators for the future, working to liberate and develop skills and capabilities The mentality and creativity of the talented, which will greatly contribute to creating a generation of scientists and making the UAE an exporter of creative minds and ideas, after it had been importing them from abroad for many years ago.

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