3 Ways To Get Fit In Dubai Before The End Of The Year

Dubai Active

Dubai Active 2021 Expo is a three-day exhibition at Dubai World Trade Center, where industry leaders and experts will gather to showcase their latest innovations. The event also presents a series of fitness programs including “Fit N Glam Dubai” on the Active Arena, “Shreddy Fitness” on the Main Stage, “Spinneys Wellness” on the Talks Stage, Turf games, Fiji Water Yoga, UN1T, Mental Wellbeing and Body Image, and other training programs for those who wish to become a Zumba instructor and a Mashup instructor. The exhibition will also feature a lineup including Sweat trainer Kelsey Wells, the Middle East’s first plus-size model Ameni Esseibi, and TikTok Star Mohammad Sweidan. You can sign up for the three day event on its website.