Monday, August 2, 2021

14 keavid death in Saudi Arabia; In 1675, the Sultanate of Oman reagikalkuti

Dubai: Kovid confirmed 1,207 new additions in Saudi Arabia. 1.195 people have died and another 14 were sukhamprapikkukayum. The total number of cases was 4,96,516. Of these, 4,76,643 have recovered so far. The total death toll 7.921. The number of newly reported cases in different provinces were: Riyadh 307, Eastern Province 264, Makkah 222, Azir 184, Jeezan 67, Najran 46, Tabuk 28, Madinah 23, Hail 23, Albaha 19, Northern Border Region 12, Al Qasim Six and Al Jawf Six.

In Oman, another 1,675 people have been diagnosed with Kovid. In the last 24 hours, 17 people have died from the disease in different parts of the country. So far as the total number of cases confirmed in the country, 2,80,235. A total of 2,48,151 people became ill. Almost 3.356 people have died. Currently 1,491 people are now being treated in various hospitals. Of these, 493 are in the intensive care unit. Another 1,513 people in the UAE have been diagnosed with Kovid, according to the Ministry of Health and Prevention. Of those treated, 1,489 recovered and four died. New patients were identified from 2,87,544 tests. A total of 6,44,114 people have been diagnosed with the disease in the UAE so far. Of these, 6,22,301 were cured and 1,847 died. There are currently 19,966 patients in the country.

Kuwait, 24 hours, 20 people to have died due to the disease keavid. The disease was confirmed in 1993. The total death toll was 2,049. The total number of cases increased to 3,67,642.

Another 1,887 people became ill. The total recovery was 3,46,993. At present, 18,600 people are being treated at various hospitals. Of these, 310 are in the intensive care unit.


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