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New WeeCare Study Reveals U.S. Daycare Costs are Unaffordable, Burdening Families and Worsening America’s Childcare Crisis

Los Angeles, CA, December 9, 2022 — A recent study conducted by WeeCare (, the nation’s largest childcare network, has found that the cost of traditional daycare in the United States is unaffordable for many families, contributing to the ongoing childcare crisis in the country.

The high cost of daycare is having a negative impact on families, with many parents struggling to balance the demands of work and childcare. This can lead to increased stress and financial strain, as well as reduced time for parental involvement in their children’s lives. 


However, the study also found that there is a more affordable alternative to traditional daycare centers: home daycares. The average weekly cost of childcare at a WeeCare home daycare is $232.27, which is about 40% less than the average weekly fee at a daycare center.  These facilities, which are often run by experienced caregivers in their own homes, can provide high-quality childcare at a fraction of the cost of traditional centers.


“Our study shows that the cost of daycare in the United States is simply too high for many families to afford,” said Jessica Chang, CEO and Co-Founder of WeeCare. “But by choosing a home daycare, families can access high-quality childcare at a more affordable price. This is a potential solution to the ongoing childcare crisis in our country.”


The researchers recommend that policymakers and childcare advocates consider the potential benefits of home daycares as a way to address the affordability and accessibility of childcare in the United States.


The full study and a breakdown of the average weekly childcare costs for many states across the nation can be found at:


About WeeCare: 

WeeCare is the largest childcare network in the United States, providing access to quality, affordable childcare to families nationwide. It supports childcare providers in operating sustainable businesses through a technology-based marketplace and partners with government entities to launch various community programs. WeeCare also helps employers of all sizes offer their employees childcare benefits. WeeCare’s mission is to help every family find care for their children. Learn more at


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