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Namibia embrace Digital Learning Platform (DLP) to enhance preparedness and response to Public Health Events

In September 2022, Namibia joined other Member States in the WHO African Region to implement the Emergency Preparedness and Response Flagship (EPR) Initiative aimed at strengthening, emergency preparedness and response, disease surveillance, including laboratory capacities of countries across Africa. In line with the implementation of EPR flagship initiative, one of the key components calls for member states to have database of surge staff trained in emergency management and ready for deployment within 24 -48 hours to respond to public health events in country and beyond.

WHO in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) commenced to revamp the   digital learning platform (DLP) room at the Public Health Operation Centre in Windhoek as part of the EPR initiative’s Memorandum of Agreement signed on 5th May 2023 between MoHSS and WHO. The digital learning platform will enable MoHSS to conduct virtual learning programs and trainings to guarantee up-to-date knowledge and cohesion in the measures to take during a health emergency which is a key component of Strengthening and Utilizing Response Groups for Emergencies (SURGE) in the country.

 The operation of the DLP requires dedicated and trained staff, hence the WCO in collaboration with WHO Regional Office for Africa (AFRO) conducted a training for thirteen staff from MoHSS to run the DLP room. The five-days training took place from 19-25 March 2024 at the Public Health Operation Centre in Windhoek. The cadres trained include ICT officers , training officers and programme officers, who will serve as trainers, IT support team and session managers during virtual trainings. The training was concluded with a first session of virtual training using the DLP room on the Introduction to Public Health Emergency Operation Center (PHEOC) for Surveillance officers and Environmental Health officers’ country wide.