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Mr. Woldeyesus Elisa addresses the 112th Session of ILO

Asmara, 11 June 2024 – Mr. Woldeyesus Elisa, Director General of Social Welfare at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, addressed the 112th Session of the International Labor Organization, which is taking place from 3-14 June in Geneva.

In his speech, Mr. Woldeyesus highlighted that despite the founding goals of the ILO, the progress toward social justice has been stymied by geopolitical instabilities, climate change, technological advancements, and demographic shifts.

He emphasized that Eritrea is actively involved in nation-building and economic development, focusing on mobilizing its human and material resources. This effort includes creating employment opportunities for its citizens as well as safe and conducive working environment for its workforce.

Mr. Woldeyesus also underlined Eritrea’s readiness to cooperate with the organization to bolster social contracts thereby advance effective delivery of social justice as a basis for enduring stability.