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Moldtech developes infrastructures in the Ivory Coast

Moldtech, a leader in the manufacture of molds for precast concrete, has contributed significantly to the infrastructure development of the Ivory Coast, on this occasion 28 molds for precast concrete water channels are supplied, among others. The company stands out for its adaptability, always exceeding client expectations, even in projects that demand highly particular solutions.

In this specific project, Moldtech has provided custom designed molds for the manufacture of concrete water channels. This adaptability not only simplifies the construction process, but also contributes to effective management of rain water sewer systems, a critical aspect in many construction projects.

28 molds for water channels have been supplied, with the following dimensions:

40×40 trapezoidal mold – 1 unit

50×50 trapezoidal molds – 8 units

60×60 trapezoidal molds – 12 units

80×80 trapezoidal molds – 4 units

100×100 trapezoidal molds – 3 units

Let’s look at some of the substantial advantages of concrete water channels:

  1. Flood Prevention: Concrete channels made with Moldtech molds gets rainwater away from the structure, preventing possible flooding in vulnerable areas.
  2. Slab Protection: The design of the water channels helps preserve the integrity of the slabs by preventing erosion of the surrounding soil.
  3. Structural Preservation: By directing water in a controlled manner, the risks of damage to ceilings, walls and other structural components are minimized.
  4. Humidity Control: Concrete channels contribute to maintaining adequate humidity levels in the surrounding environment, promoting the durability of the construction.
  5. Aesthetics and Functionality: In addition to their main function, precast water channels designed with specialized Moldtech molds add an aesthetic touch, improving the overall appearance of the structure.

In addition, the scope of supply is complemented by 3 molds for box culverts with 6 different bottoms and 7 molds for new jersey barrier.

With the delivery of 28 personalized molds for precast water channels in the Ivory Coast, Moldtech reaffirms itself as a reference in construction solutions. This achievement highlights the company’s unique ability to adapt to specific customer demands, driving prefabricated systems in construction. One more step towards a future built with precision and commitment.