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“Marei El Brimo” Gets Streaming Date | Sada Elbalad

Thu 04 Apr 2024 | 02:05 PM

Yara Sameh

Veteran Egyptian actor Mohamed Henedy’s star-studded film “Marei El Brimo” will make its streaming debut on the Netflix streaming giant on Friday, April 12. 

The cast also stars Ghada Adel, Lotfy Labib, Ahmed Badir, Mohamed Mahmoud, Alaa Morsi, Mustafa Abu Saree, Nancy Salah, and more.

Director Saeed Hamed directs the film from a script by Ihab Blibl. It is based on an idea by Henedy.

The film’s official synopsis reads: “Marei and Gamalat are husband and wife who live their normal life as watermelon sellers in Upper Egypt. Suddenly, Marei gets kidnapped and discovers that the gang is in it to get hold of diamonds that he had recently inherited from his family. In order to get away, he quickly decides to hide the diamonds in the heart of two watermelons only to discover one morning that Gamalat has unknowingly sold them. Will they be able to bring them back and secure their inheritance?”.

“Marei El Brimo” premiered on September 2 and reunites Henedy and Adel in a film for the first time in 23 years. 

The film also marks the pair’s third collaboration after working on films “Sa’eedi Fi Al Jami’a Al Amrikiyya” (1998), and “Belia We Demagho El Alia” (2000). 

It also reunites Heneidy and Hamed for the first time in 18 years. They previously collaborated on the 2005 film “Ya Ana Ya Khalty”.

The film also marks the first collaboration between Henedy, Adel, and Saeed after “Saeedi at the American University”.

The acclaimed actor previously revealed that the upcoming film will be similar to blockbuster films “Saeedi at the American University”, “Hamam Fi Amsterdam”, and “Ya Ana Ya Khalty”.