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Maison 21G Opens First Boutique at Dubai Hills Beauty & Wellness

Maison 21G
Image: Maison 21G

After multiple successful openings in countries across Asia, Maison 21G has finally opened its first boutique in the Middle East. Located in Dubai Hills, the luxury Parisian perfumery house brings its signature brand of scent personalisation, exquisite range of bespoke products, and private atelier experience to those craving a lavish escapade.

Bringing along its best offerings to clients in Dubai, the boutique’s strong design values rooted in sleek minimalism and Parisian chic have also been incorporated within its latest opening. The famous “Carré Galbé (Round Square)”, where the Maison conducts its renowned perfumery workshops, has also been brought over and clients can book an appointment to learn more about creating their own signature scent.

Maison 21G Round Square
Image: Maison 21G

The boutique is split into different zones, and visitors can learn more about the brand as they move along with their scent-making journey. At Maison 21G, there are multiple facets to creating one’s scent. Also unique to the brand is the option to customise home scents, a premiere in the perfumery industry and a fast-growing segment that Maison 21G is excited to be taking the lead in with its collection of products.

Always seeking novel ways to make the customer’s journey an epicurean experience, Maison 21G brings its proprietary “touchless scent bar” to Dubai. Invented as a response to the inconvenience brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic, this agile approach is a safe, stylish and innovative way for clients to be involved in designing their scent wardrobe from the 35 haute couture essences available.

To help with smoothening the process of creating one’s scent, Maison 21G harnesses the power of AI. Clients can take a survey online, and the results from it will reveal their scent personality, which will aid them in picking out the best scents based on a range of categories like nationality, skin tone, age and others. Thus, making the experience a truly bespoke one to enjoy.

Apart from its mission to launch a perfume revolution centred around its disruptive and multisensory approach, Maison 21G also takes pride in offering a fully-transparent product journey to its clients.

“Sustainability is the new luxury in perfumery. We focus on what’s inside the bottle and aim to make the world of perfume more transparent, clean and educative,” says Johanna Monange, founder and CEO of Maison 21G.

Maison 21G Dubai Hill
Image: Maison 21G

Beyond just packaging, the scents used are at least 90 per cent biodegradable and are made by IFF, which means renowned noses like Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo, Carlos Benaim and others are all part of the creation as well. All Maison 21G fragrances are ethically sourced, and its journey can be traced from plant to perfume. Lastly, the brand aims to exclusively utilise recyclable or refillable packaging to achieve its goal of producing zero plastic waste.

With such a unique approach to creating a brand that doubles down on curating a bespoke, greener, and more transparent perfume-making journey, Maison 21G makes a great addition to the vibrant community in Dubai Hills.

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