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Luca Mining Corp. Advances Tahuehueto Gold Mine Expansion Project

Luca Mining Corp. is delighted to report that the project to expand its fully owned Tahuehueto Gold Mine in Durango, Mexico’s output to 1,000 tons per day (tpd) is advancing smoothly according to the plan.

By the end of the year, the aim is to reach 1,000 tpd of installed capacity. In the first quarter of 2024, commercial production will be made public. It is expected that first phase production levels will surpass 40,000 ounces of gold equivalent per year.

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After undergoing all of the required upgrades and inspections, a second ball mill for the mine expansion was delivered to the site. It was then placed into the supporting structure.

Expansion and Testing Plans at the Tahuehueto Gold Mine

The installed capacity of the mine will be 1,250 tpd after the larger second mill is commissioned. Before mid October ancillary equipment (such as pumps and cyclones) will be taken to the site.  If the new mill’s testing goes according to plan in late November, ramp up will start shortly thereafter.

The circuits for concentrate filtering and flotation already have a 1,000 tpd installed capacity.

Within a week, a second tailings filter press with a 500 tpd nominal capacity will be delivered to the Tahuehueto Gold Mine site. The press’s foundations have been completed. Before being shipped to the site, the third (which is the back up) tailings filter press is currently being inspected. It is also undergoing repairs after being secured.

The tailings embankment’s second stage is currently 56% complete and also in good progress.

The Tahuehueto team, including contractors and senior management, has efficiently maintained construction progress, moving toward their goal of 1,000 tpd, according to CEO Mike Struthers. It is said that the Tahuehueto Gold Mine is poised to become Mexico’s next profitable endeavor, thanks to the project.

The Tahuehueto Gold Mine is an underground gold project based in the Sierra Madre Mineral Belt, a rich mining region in northwest Durango State, Mexico. The belt is home to a number of historic and producing mines along its trend.