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Kreol and Avolta bring Freakin’ Healthy through Middle East

April 15 2024  |  Confectionery & Fine Foods

By GTR Magazine Staff

Together, Avolta and Kreol Travel Retail are providing healthier snacks that travelers have been asking for, with BMB’s Freakin’ Healthy

Kreol Travel Retail and Avolta are partnering to distribute BMB’s Freakin’ Healthy snacking products throughout the Middle East.

Freakin’ Healthy, recognized for its dedication to health and wellness, offers snacks that not only taste good but also align with modern health-conscious consumer values, making them an ideal addition to Avolta’s varied brand portfolio and Kreol Travel Retail’s broad product range. This partnership reflects the companies’ mutual goal to improve the travel retail experience by providing products that meet the changing needs and preferences of travelers.

From left, taken during the Avolta team’s visit to the BMB factory to evaluate the production facilities: Kreol Arakulath – Executive Director of Kreol Group, Alexandre Tabacoff – Managing Director of Avolta Middle East Egypt, Lal Arakulath – CEO of Kreol Group and Bilal Ballout – Senior VP of BMB

Lal Arakulath, CEO of Kreol Group, commented: “We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Kreol Travel Retail and Avolta, the leading global travel retailer, to roll out Freakin’ Healthy products across Sharjah, Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt in the coming months. This partnership aims to cater to the growing demand for healthier snacking options among consumers in these regions. We believe that these products will be well-received by our customers who are increasingly seeking tastier snacking options with health benefits.”

He added, “As retailers are being made increasingly aware of consumer interest in health & wellness sections, representing a brand like Freakin’ Healthy made sense as it was a natural fit for us. We also take great joy in scaling UAE-based success stories across our global travel retail channel, and BMB, the brand’s parent company, has been a homegrown hero.”

“Our success selling Freakin’ Healthy brand in our stores is a testament to our commitment to offering quality, innovative products that resonate with our customers, promoting a healthier lifestyle one choice at a time,” said Alexandre Tabacoff, Managing Director, Middle East & Egypt, Dufry (Avolta).

Samer Dahham, Corporate Communications Manager at Agthia, stated, “Securing Freakin’ Healthy at every Duty-Free location in the Middle East isn’t just a milestone for us – it’s a win for travelers seeking healthier options on the go. This achievement reflects our passion for reimagining snacking and making nutritious choices accessible wherever the journey takes you, from Sharjah to Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt airports. We’re proud to partner with Kreol and Dufry in this mission, and we’re eager to see how our wholesome snacks enhance the travel experience for customers throughout the region.”

BMB, part of the extensive portfolio of the Agthia Group, is a significant Abu Dhabi-based food & beverage company.

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