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HomeNewsKing Mohammed VI of Morocco Welcomes New Foreign Ambassadors

King Mohammed VI of Morocco Welcomes New Foreign Ambassadors

King Mohammed VI of Morocco Welcomes New Foreign Ambassadors

King Mohammed VI of Morocco Welcomes New Foreign Ambassadors

Foreign Ambassadors Present Credentials to Moroccan Monarch

On January 17, 2022, His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco welcomed a number of foreign ambassadors to the Rabat Royal Palace. The diplomats were there to present their credentials, thus officially commencing their roles as extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors of their respective nations in the Kingdom of Morocco.

A Gathering of International Representatives

Among the new ambassadors were representatives from a wide range of countries. These included Said Bin Mohammad Bin Ali Al Buru’umi from the Sultanate of Oman, Krzysztof Karwowski from the Republic of Poland, Oksana Vasylieva Yuriivna from Ukraine, Dang Thi Thu Ha from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and Al Asri Saeed Ahmed Aldhaheri from the United Arab Emirates. Other nations represented included Chile, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mauritania, the Netherlands, Rwanda, South Africa, Italy, Guatemala, Romania, Nigeria, China, India, Sierra Leone, Kazakhstan, Burundi, the Philippines, Bulgaria, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Korea, Serbia, Guinea Bissau, the Czech Republic, Senegal, Norway, Belgium, Bangladesh, Ghana, El Salvador, Ireland, Jordan, the European Union, and Egypt.

Special Ceremony Marks the Occasion

The ceremonial presentation of credentials offers a symbolic start to an ambassador’s tenure in a new country. It is a practice with roots dating back to the 18th century and has remained largely unchanged over the centuries. The ceremony was conducted in the presence of Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Abroad, Nasser Bourita. The event underscores the importance of international diplomacy and the role of ambassadors in fostering relationships between nations.

King Mohammed VI’s Role in Foreign Relations

His Majesty King Mohammed VI plays a crucial role in Morocco’s foreign relations. By personally receiving the credentials of the new ambassadors, the King demonstrates his commitment to maintaining strong diplomatic ties with nations around the globe. His actions also reflect Morocco’s position as a key player on the international stage. As the new ambassadors settle into their roles, they will undoubtedly work to strengthen the ties between their home countries and the Kingdom of Morocco, contributing to the global network of cooperation and diplomacy.