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Ion Perez flexed that there is nothing wrong with loving Vice Ganda – LionhearTV

Unkabogable star Vice Ganda celebrated his 48th birthday on March 31, receiving an outpouring of love and greetings from friends, fellow celebrities, and adoring fans.

Even Vice’s co-hosts on the hit show ‘It’s Showtime’ including Ryan Bang, Karylle, Amy Perez, Jugs Jugueta, and Teddy Corpuz took to social media to extend their heartfelt greetings to the beloved star.

However, one of the most touching birthday messages came from Vice’s husband, Ion Perez.

In a now-viral social media post, Ion expressed his unwavering love for Vice, stating, “Tulad ng sinabi ko dati maraming rason ang TAMA para maging MALI pero ang pag mamahal ko sayo kahit KAILAN walang rason para maging MALI. Happy birthday mybestfriend mysoulmate mybabe myWIFE I LOVE YOU MOST!!”

Accompanying the heartfelt message were four endearing pictures of the couple seated together on a cozy sofa swing, holding hands and sharing tender moments.

Ion’s declaration of love quickly garnered attention online, with fans and supporters of the couple flooding social media with messages of admiration and affection.

In response to Ion’s heartfelt tribute, Vice shared a video on their Instagram story of the couple’s intimate celebration, showcasing the love and warmth between them.

As Vice’s birthday week coincided with Holy Week, the couple opted to delay their grand celebration until April 6, aligning it with the first day of ‘It’s Showtime’ on Channel Network.

Vice Ganda and Ion Perez’s relationship has captured the hearts of many since they first met on ‘It’s Showtime’ in 2017. Their love story, marked by genuine affection and mutual respect, has inspired countless individuals and serves as a testament to the power of love and acceptance.