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Innovation is a way of life in the UAE

Innovation is a way of life in the UAE

With the escalation of global crises and the acceleration of competition in various fields, innovation policy has become an indispensable government tool to increase the pace of production in any economy and to solve various social and economic problems, such as low productivity, or economic issues related to energy, environment and health.
In this context, Schneider Electric, a leader in digital transformation of energy management, automation and sustainability, is holding the “Middle East and Africa Innovation Summit 2022”, the first hybrid innovation summit in the region, bringing together a range of industry leaders, technology experts and business decision makers. It is focused on accelerating technologies for growth and sustainability in energy, logistics, manufacturing, retail and utilities with more than 5,000 participants.
The summit aims to explore ways to take advantage of the groundbreaking achievements in digital transformation and smart software, to improve business sectors and help build a future that achieves the goals of sustainability, operational efficiency, productivity and climate neutrality.
It has become clear that the path to a sustainable future is one that uses innovations to achieve greener processes with lower costs and increased efficiency. According to experts, the solution lies in promoting digital transformation and moving into a new era of sustainable business growth that the world needs now more than ever.
The wise leadership of the UAE has made innovation a way of life and a national axis on which the state rests. Therefore, innovation today is no longer an option, but rather a necessity. It is no longer a general culture, but rather a method of work, as the government is committed to supporting innovations within an integrated system and comprehensive strategies. The future of the UAE looks bright and promising to become the first country in the world in several areas. This was confirmed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, when he said that “governments and companies that do not innovate or innovate lose their competitiveness and condemn themselves to regression.”
Through hard work, a clear vision and firm steps, the UAE government succeeded in developing the concept of innovation, culminating in the country being ranked first in the Arab world on the Global Innovation Index for several years. These are the results that prove the UAE’s successful success in transforming the concept of innovation into a large-scale institutional approach that helps with the development of government work and promotes economic development in general.

On the bulletin “News of the Hour” published by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research