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How many batteries, motors were needed to get this Tesla to 2 million kilometres

This Model S is believed to be the world’s highest-mileage Tesla, with its odometer recently ticking to 2 million kilometres.

Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg, of Germany, reached the milestone earlier this month. He reached 1 million kilometres back in 2019.

The Tesla owner has taken his 2014 Model S P90, which he bought used with around 30,000km on the odometer, on numerous long-distance trips including to China. He has been undertaking another long-distance jaunt this month through Africa.

Mr von Gemmingen-Hornberg told Watt Energy in November 2023 he’s onto his fourth battery, with one lasting 670,000km and another lasting 505,000km.

But he says he has had more issues with the electric motors, and says he has gone through 13 of them.

One, he says, managed 780,000km without problems.

Mr von Gemmingen-Hornberg says he doesn’t charge the battery to 100 per cent, but also doesn’t let it dip below 10 per cent. He claims his real-life range is around 400km.

He mostly charges at home, where he has solar panels installed, but naturally relies on Tesla’s Supercharger network when he’s travelling.

He doesn’t pay anything for his use of the network, either, as his Model S was sold with lifetime free Supercharging.

You can hear more about his experience with his Model S in the Watt Energy video below.

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