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Health Emirates for “Al-Ittihad”: Qualitative Initiatives to Develop the Service System

Sami Abdul Raouf (Dubai)

Emirates Foundation for Health Services announced that they have developed several new smart programs, including the early neonatal screening program and the use of the electronic device for the treatment of stroke patients in 5 hospitals The results showed a reduction in waiting time and clinical indicators “DTD” from 35 minutes to 19 minutes. .
In response to Al-Ittihad’s inquiries, the company stated that it had recently launched several qualitative initiatives that contributed to the improvement and development of the healthcare system it provides. These initiatives include the provision of a “telemedicine” service. She stated that she had launched a group of “telemedicine” services in the institution’s facilities using information and digital communication technologies within its telemedicine processing system. She said: “The service covers all vital specialties such as cardiology, children, internal medicine, nutrition and mental health, which include medical and psychological and social consultations and rehabilitation programs for patients in the addiction ward and other psychiatric wards and community psychiatry. Different age groups such as adults, elderly, children and teenagers.”

Visual communication
The Foundation stated that it had designed training programs in maternity and childhood, public health and disease prevention and provided a telemedicine consultation service with doctors outside the country within the Visiting Doctors Program to assist patients and physicians and achieve another consultation in critical matters through visual communication.
He pointed to the establishment of a “telemedicine” clinic in various clinics with primary health services, such as the clinic for non-communicable diseases and the pre-marital medical examination clinic, which in turn contributed to access to the primary health service for a larger number of individuals. She noted that Al-Amal Hospital for Mental Health, affiliated with the Foundation, achieved the first place in the world with an approved certificate of management of mental health and safety, while Al Qassimi Hospital achieved the advanced international health accreditation as a center of excellence in the treatment of atrioventricular block disease (AV Block), in addition to the advanced international health accreditation as a center of excellence. In the treatment of obesity, as well as the institution’s success in attracting and discovering internal and external talents, through e.g. Taqat project working with artificial intelligence.

quality initiatives
With regard to the implementation of qualitative initiatives, the Fund reaffirmed that this issue is a cornerstone of its operational plan, which led to the adoption of the highest international standards for the provision of healthcare in hospitals, specialist centers and primary health centers, leading to Eight specialized dental centers obtain Canadian Bronze International Accreditation, which specializes in
dental care
The Foundation said: “We have applied global protocols based on scientific research and approved by US and European international bodies to achieve the best experience the patient can have in a work environment that is friendly to patient safety and expertise and innovation programs.” She added: “We continue to implement positive initiatives, such as implementing the recommendations of the World Health Organization in patient safety and establishing an advisory council for patients and their families to strengthen the role of the patient and his family in achieving the best possible healthcare.”

“Budget management”
Commenting on the use of health-related indicators in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Foundation said: “We were able to achieve these goals, which include increased funding in the health sector, employment of workers in this sector and support, training and retention of physicians. and the competencies of nursing staff. ” She added: “The Foundation based its efforts to achieve these indicators on its comprehensive strategy, through which it seeks to achieve local, regional and global leadership in delivering the highest standards of global health services, which rely on artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things. 3D printing and digital reality. ” She pointed out that it has attracted elite cadres required to operate health facilities and new projects at the state level within the standards of efficiency and quality, using a set of rules, laws and initiatives to maintain and maintain these cadres, such as the rewards. and incentive system approved in the institution, flexible work systems, committees, programs for happiness and quality of life.

Research and studies
With regard to scientific studies and research, the Foundation stated that the medical facilities in the hospitals and their affiliated health centers are rich in research and accurate studies conducted by physicians in many medical specialties and disease cases with the aim of reaching sustainable solutions that enhance the Foundation’s role. and its positive impact in medical research.

To attract talent
And on increasing the efficiency of medical staff, she said: “The Foundation is committed to strengthening the work environment and providing it with the elite of functional cadres in various disciplines and areas, including administrative, technical, medical and nursing cadres.”
She added, “The medical staff of Emirates Health Services Corporation is extremely efficient given the interdisciplinary nature as these cadres work to provide high quality treatment, preventive and rehabilitative services in line with international best practice based on proven evidence.”
The Foundation explained that the recruitment of medical staff is based on specific criteria for selecting the best job applicants and attracting skills in the labor market. She stated that in order to increase operational efficiency, the company adopts a system for measuring monthly employee performance indicators through performance indicators, which helped raise the level of efficiency in performance and link it with annual performance indicators and the introduction of all actual results. values ​​of operational indicators to control the specified times without delay.