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Guinea-Bissau player is living example of the clearance button being jammed in FIFA

The Africa Cup of Nations never fails to provide exhilarating and peculiar moments. A Jefferson Encada clearance in the opening game between hosts Ivory Coast and Guinea-Bissau has already provided fans with a hilarious highlight.

Encada, who plays at right back for Guinea-Bissau, appeared to have a simple game plan. That plan was the ball was not allowed in his penalty area.

In the first half he intercepted a pass inside the box and had several different options. He could pass back to his goalkeeper or to a fellow defender.

Instead Encada looked like when someone’s controller has a button jammed during a FIFA video game and the 25-year-old sent the ball to the moon and out for an Ivory Coast corner.

Encada clearance AFCON

No nonsense, no BS, just get the ball out of my box. You got to appreciate the commitment.

His teammates looked less than thrilled with his decision-making, but he finished the game with three clearances, so the joke is on them.

Despite Encada’s best efforts to keep the ball from grazing a blade of grass inside his 18-yard box, Ivory Coast secured a 2-0 victory.

The AFCON hosts scored a pair of beautiful goals from Seko Fofana and Jean-Philippe Krasso.

Ivory Coast sit top of Group A with their victory and a 1-1 draw between Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.