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Filipina-Emirati model creates name in Dubai Fashion Industry

“Everything happens for a reason, and you only live once.” 

Kate Aaliyah, a 19-year-old Filipino-Emirati, is a university student and model in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She was reared in both Emirati and Filipino cultures, and her unique upbringing aided her in becoming a woman of grace and brilliance.

UAE has been her home since she was a youngster. In this beautiful metropolis of Dubai, she honed her creativity, talents, and enthusiasm. A youthful dreamer keeps her soul alive in all facets of her life. She shapes her fate as a lady of experience and variety with the help of her Filipina mother.

One of the most wonderful things she enjoys doing is learning something new, not just from books but also from life events, people around her, and the obstacles and rejections she faces in her daily life.

Her pals are the people that inspire her to work harder in life and to keep dreaming despite adversities and disappointments. One of her top concerns is to be competent in the realm of work.

According to Kate, studying in the UAE is a fun learning experience; nevertheless, many activities outside of the classroom have taught her a lot.

“Being wise in life is essential to me. As a curious youngster, I’ve always wanted to learn something new; I never stop asking questions,” she continued.

Growing up in a not-so-great atmosphere is undoubtedly why she desired to aspire for a better start in life; it may sound implausible, but nothing is impossible for her. She feels that among the impossibilities, there is always a chance.

Kate’s motivation and hobbies concentrate on magazine reading, television viewing, and listening to various motivating speakers. She is also interested in fashion and the creative sectors.

“It fascinates me that if a person is talented and well-equipped, they can make a livelihood doing the most basic of tasks. It is a question of working smarter, not harder,” she stated.

Modeling career

Kate began her modeling career at 13 when she did simple photo shoots with her relatives in the Philippines. She found her passion at a young age as a humble girl. She also discovered networks in Dubai with the assistance of her mother. Encountered brilliant and well-known fashion business figures who inspired her to flourish as a model.

“I began to learn more and apply it to my interest. I ultimately got to wear the gorgeous gowns designed by Michael Cinco; it was the pinnacle of my career, “She cheerfully stated.

Kate stated that her encounter with Michael Cinco was a humbling event. She finds herself fortunate and happy to be able to wear a fantastic designer’s gown.

The opportunities she has fueled her desire to be molded and formed. While studying, she mainly works in the fashion sector. Leading towards passion is far more important to her than pay.

She continued, “What I enjoy most about the fashion industry is the freedom with which I can express my style, taste, and trends. It is incredibly adaptable, and it is an art form.”

The ultimate dream

As a young lady still trying to make a name for herself in the fashion world, she has minor challenges such as time management owing to a slew of activities. Nonetheless, she claims that she always focuses on getting the task done rather than fretting about the difficulties. Her main secret is staying on track.

In addition to being a student and a fashion model, Kate has a great voice and is also a superb songwriter. When there is an event or a birthday celebration, her mother will constantly urge her to sing. She is also a fitness enthusiast, and her interests include meditation, exercise, sports, and swimming.

“Everything occurs for a purpose,” she says, “so don’t question what’s going on in your life, live it the way you want to and just be grateful for things every day, and keep yourself humble, regardless of your title or occupation.”

Dubai is a home

“Where exactly is home? Home might be any place you feel secure. It could be a person, where your friends are, or Dubai.”

Kate was reared in Dubai when she was eight months old when her family moved from the Philippines. And that was the most acceptable decision her mother ever made for her.

As a result of Dubai’s rapid expansion, she has learned to keep up with what is happening worldwide and in technology.

“My favorite aspect of Dubai is its diversity. It’s great because you get to meet so many different people from all around the world. The cuisine is fantastic, and the culture is intriguing to learn about, “She stated.

Finally, when Dubai Vibes Magazine asked if she planned to settle permanently in Dubai, she said that one thing was sure: Dubai would always be a location where she built memories, and it is the city where she felt at home. She has no idea what her future holds, but she can never say goodbye to Dubai.