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HomeNewsFIAT to its presence by introducing the Fiat Strada pick-up

FIAT to its presence by introducing the Fiat Strada pick-up

*Latest Fiat Strada could make its way into European market under Stellantis directorship

FIAT continues to increase its global outreach, being the market leader in three countries: Brazil, Turkey, and Italy. Meanwhile, the Brand keeps on extending its reach as it enters into the Middle East and Africa Region with the Strada compact pickup, which is poised to take over in this region starting from November 2023. The MEA release is yet another step forward in establishing FIAT’s global presence.

Launched 25 years ago in Brazil, the Fiat Strada is a compact pickup truck that not only revolutionized its segment, but also the entire national automotive industry. It not only became the sole pickup truck to reach the top of the Brazilian market, but also maintained its dominance. In fact, it has been the best-selling vehicle in the country since 2021, playing a fundamental role in driving the evolution of the automotive sector. With the introduction of its second generation, in 2020, it reached a remarkable milestone by surpassing 400,000 units produced in around 3 years. In total, more than 2 million units were manufactured since its launch.

The Fiat Strada, with its design inspired by the award-winning Fiat Toro, features unparalleled audacity and modernity. A pioneer at several points throughout its history—such as the introduction of the extended cab in 1999, the double cab in 2009, and the revolutionary third door in 2013—it underwent a complete renovation in 2020, offering four doors and five seats. It became even more reliable, technological, and acquired a new design.

The Strada’s versatility makes it a reliable work tool and a sophisticated travel companion, embodying modernity, comfort, technology, and safety. It promises excellence, innovation, and reliability in the following markets: Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Guinea-Conakry, Madagascar, Rwanda and Ghana. Further technical details will be shared locally.

This vehicle’s success could not be better celebrated than by extending its reach. This move aligns with FIAT’s global presence and its commitment to delivering products that cater to the specific needs of customers. Thanks to the Strada model, FIAT is therefore expanding its footprint in the Middle East and Africa, where the Brand has already established itself as a market leader. For instance, in Turkey FIAT leads the market with the Tipo Family, which is sold under the name of the Fiat Egea.