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Fashion meets football: AFI to stage a fashion show ahead of the Afcon finals

Fashion exists everywhere, even in sports. Last year, we saw a rise in sports fashion, particularly football, where several clubs partnered with fashion designers for stylish kits.

Since African countries are united for the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon), Africa Fashion International (AFI) has decided to take that opportunity to host a continental fashion show.

On February 9, ahead of the Afcon finals, AFI, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and La Francophonie, will host an Africa Fashion Unites (AFU) fundraising fashion show on the esplanade of the Sofitel Abidjan Hôtel Ivoire, Ivory Coast.

The purpose of the fashion show is to raise funds for the ABE APO ÉLISABETH Artisanal Center in Motézo in the Alépé region.

Founded by Ivorian cultural entrepreneur Michèle Yakice, this centre is dedicated to training women and young people in the art of traditional weaving, allowing them to acquire skills in the field and gain autonomy.

Niuku designs. Picture: Supplied.

“AFI is committed to supporting this ABE APO ÉLISABETH Artisanal Center in view of the vision of the initiator, the socio-economic role it plays and the general commitment of the AFI to the populations on the continent.

“For the sustainability of this commitment, the Ivorian Government, through the Ministry in Charge of Culture, will be in partnership with the Confederation of African Football for the management of this project,” said AFI COO Giacomo Tomassi.

Emerging and established designers from countries participating in the Afcon will be given a platform to showcase their creativity.

Atafo. Picture: Supplied.

Some of the designers who will be showcase include Urban Zulu, Niuku, Marie Louis Bishara, Loza, Laurence Airline, Lafalaise, Kente Gentlemen and Atafo.

“The AFU Fundraising Fashion Show is an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate the unifying power of the arts, showcasing African heritage and fostering a sense of community. At AFI, we believe in creating lasting impact beyond,” added Tomassi.

After the show, football and fashion lovers will shop for the garments via auction.