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Exploring the Vibrancy of Acting Workshops Across Cairo

In the heart of Egypt lies a wide range of aspiring actors and actresses yearning to unleash their potential. To accommodate the rising tide of performers, Cairo boasts a wide range of acting workshops that serve as incubators for the raw talents waiting to transform their passion and dreams into reality.

Here is a list of acting workshops scattered across Cairo — where creativity and talent are ignited.

Luke Lehner Studios
Actor and coach founded Luke Lenher Studios in 2014, which offers an array of classes that range from scriptwriting, creative writing, directing, and intensive acting workshops. The workshops and classes are situated for all ages and levels of experience.

Arab Film School
Dubbed as the premier destination for filmmakers in the Middle East, the Arab Film School is a school that offers online and in-person learning opportunities for those who dream. The industry’s experts and giants teach the workshops.

Cairo Acting and Casting Studio
Essentially a casting studio, Cairo Acting and Casting Studio (CAS) also offers intensive acting workshops for aspiring actors and actresses. The studio is run by global casting director and acting coach Lauren Lou Geoffroy who works on fostering method acting as well as other techniques.