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Exploring the Future of Africa through Art and Technology                        

The Culture Shock exhibition in Abidjan, Ivory Coast showcases both traditional and futuristic artwork by three Ivorian artists. Hosted by the Adama Toungara d’Abobo Contemporary Museum, the exhibit’s theme “illuminates the darkness of troubled times” in which “the world is changing” but “the future remains a mystery”. Artist Chula has chosen to showcase the Ivory Coast’s wide cultural diversity through a mixture of traditional and modern masks which he believes showcase the cultural heritage of people from across the country.  Nearby, the artist Cris D offers up a more colourful representation of African masks with his paintings displayed against a wall of colour. A third artist David M’Bengue looks to the future with two animated mini-films focusing on the future of African cities. Through different themes, the 3D artist explores questions around the architecture and urban planning of the future. The exhibit invites viewers to rethink the Africa of the 21st century. Culture Shock is open to the public until October 15, 2023.