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Ex McDonald’s chef reveals the menu items from the Worldwide Convention you might never get to try

Keep McWishing.

Chef Mike Haracz, known as @chefmikeharacz on TikTok, has become known on the platform for revealing the fast food chain’s biggest secrets, and this time, he’s dishing on what the corporation showcased at this week’s McDonald’s Worldwide Convention in Barcelona, Spain.

Specifically, Haracz revealed the McDonald’s menu items Americans will never get the chance to order in the US.

“Here are three items that they are showcasing at [the McDonald’s convention] that you in the US will probably never have,” he said in the clip with over 10,800 views.

Chef Mike Haracz attended the 2024 McDonald’s Worldwide Convention in Barcelona, Spain. TikTok/chefmikeharacz
The chef claims potato wedges won’t make it to America because it will compete with french fries. TikTok/chefmikeharacz

In a one-minute and twenty-second video posted on Apr. 9, the former McDonald’s corporate chef revealed news from the 2024 McDonald’s Worldwide Convention in Barcelona, Spain, which began on April 8 and ends April 11.

Chef Haracz confessed that while potato wedges are an international menu item in Lebanon, Russia, Greece, Malta, Egypt, the UK, France, Hong Kong, Australia, and Latin America, according to McDonald’s fandom, you could get them at the McDonald’s restaurant in their corporate building.

However, there’s a slim chance you’ll see the wedges beyond that because “anything that competes with French fries, they’re not going to do because why lose that money,” Haracz explained.

Haracz raved about the spicy black pepper garlic Mcnuggets which can be found in Japan. TikTok/chefmikeharacz

Another item that he claims was excluded from American menus is the Lotus Biscoff Mcflurry with caramel.

“This might have been around,” Haracz said. “It might be around cause Biscoff is a relatively popular cookie [and] this would be easy to make in the US system.”

The sweet treat can be found at McDonald’s locations in Cyrus and Germany

Despite missing out on the Biscoff dessert, one item Chef Haracz wishes he could get his hands on in America is the spicy black pepper garlic McNuggets.

“[This] should be on menus ’cause I bet it’s probably the best version of a thing spicy black pepper garlic McNuggets,” he exclaimed.

“An item that I think should be all over the place because lots of people would like to give it a try.”

Spicy black pepper garlic McNuggets can be purchased at franchises located in Japan, according to Grapee Japan.

Haracz learned of the menu items at the semi-annual worldwide convention, where “14,000 McDonald’s franchisees, suppliers and employees” met on Apr. 8 to discuss the franchise’s future plans, Catalan News reported. This year’s convention is the first time the organization has held the meeting outside of America since its inaugural worldwide convention in 1965.

Haracz has previously attended the annual fete but did not this year.

He shared three menu items people aren’t able to order in America such as potato wedges and the spicy black pepper garlic nuggets. ATEF SAFADI/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

“Why are these [McNuggets] not everywhere?” Haracz questioned. “I don’t know. They never listened to me while I was there; they’re not going to listen to me now.”

So instead, Chef Haracz asked his 305,000 viewers what “obscure McDonald’s menu items or international items that [they] would love to see on US menus.”

Mickey D fans flooded Haracz’s video comments section with a list of foods they would love to eat without leaving the country.

“Loved McSpicy Paneer when I went to India and McKroket when I was in Amsterdam!!” wrote one traveler.

“The New Zealand boss burger is also freaking amazing,” added another.

“Na, the kiwi burger from New Zealand is amazing,” debated a watcher.

“In Russia, they had an amazing shrimp spring wrap,” wrote a Golden Arch fan. “India’s Chicken Maharaja was a surprise hit!”

“McD just released the chocnut sundaes in the Philippines; it’s good,” commented a fast-food lover.