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Everything you need to know about the premium economy class by Emirates

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The Emirates premium economy class has begun flying between Dubai and New York JFK, Boston, Seattle-Tacoma and São Paulo Guarulhos. Below is an overview of Emirates’ latest offering that will revolutionize air travel for business travellers who want to fly more comfortably without wasting valuable time.

What is the Premium Economy Class? 

The premium economy class is a new way to fly business class with a few more perks than the regular economy. The service offers travellers comfort and convenience with the flexibility of choosing when they want to travel. The fares for this service are about 49% cheaper than business class but many times higher than in economy due to having fewer seats on any given flight.

The major benefits of travelling in premium economy class will be: 

As with all emirates booking flights, the premium economy class features the iconic three-class cabin layout. It is also equipped with innovative features such as ergonomically designed adjustable wings to facilitate easy sleeping during longer flights and padded luxury leather seats that provide added comfort whether you’re reading a book, watching a movie or taking a nap. The media box includes noise-cancelling headphones and an in-seat USB power supply for your laptop or tablet. For added convenience, there are also personal storage spaces in the overhead compartment for suitcases and other items.

How will be Premium Economy Class different from the regular economy?

You will also have access to the range of Emirates’ dining and entertainment options. There will be no additional charges for in-flight food, beverages or movies during the flight. When flying to New York JFK by Emirates premium economy class, passengers will have access to a fully-stocked dining menu including a wide variety of Arabic, Indian and Western cuisines. In addition to this, there will also be a full breakfast featuring traditional Western breakfasts and hot dishes. There are also dedicated entertainment areas for passenger enjoyment, with an array of films and television shows for you to choose from.

What is the difference between Premium Economy and Business Class?

Premium economy class fares are about 49% cheaper than business class but many times higher than in economy due to having fewer seats on any given flight. The major benefits of flying in the premium economy over business include:

What are the between travel classes?

During the past decades, air travel has become a convenient means for many people to travel worldwide. Aside from freedom and flexibility, three different cabin classes are available: ‘First’, ‘Business’ and ‘Economy’. First Class will be a perfect option if you want to spend lavishly. Business Class is a good choice if you want more comfort but close to the sky. Finally, economy Class entry is cost-effective and affordable.

The carriers’ three types of cabin classes are: ‘Premium Economy’, ‘Business’, and ‘Economy’. Economical flights are usually mid-range flights that provide more space on board, but they do not feature amenities such as in-flight meals or movies. However, there are benefits and advantages to flying within cabin classes, some of which include being able to request a specific seat number before the start of your flight and enjoying higher prices and increased service standards throughout your flight.

What are the benefits of flying in premium economy versus business class and economy?

Travelling with an airline and travelling in premium economy versus business class offers many advantages. For example, business class passengers have access to a slightly more comfortable seating arrangement, a greater service standard, and better catering options available on board. In comparison, premium economy passengers do not experience any of these perks on their regular flights. Although there are no differences between the two, one main factor often includes the overall price of each flight and the number of seats available. Therefore, if you are considering either option, you will want to consider how much you can afford to spend on your trip and what is most important for your needs.

What are the possible challenges with flying premium economy?

Although a premium economy is considered for betting the middle class between economy and business, it has the benefits of both. There are no challenges with flying in premium economy as it provides an excellent service standard that is comparable to business class. However, the price is one challenge that can come with flying in a premium economy. Although business class flights have a greater cost, they do not offer much more than premium economy overall. Therefore, you will want to consider how much you need to spend on your trip and how comfortable you will be when determining which flight class best suits your needs.