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Emirates launches Bitcoin payment

Since the metaverse and NFT’s new technology areas, Emirates plans to hire new employees to enhance this area by developing applications that meet customer needs. Several airlines such as TravelX and Air Europa, which serve the world’s eerste Launched NFTs for airline tickets and thus entered the world of blockchain to provide their customers with an unprecedented experience.

Emirates’ decision to enter the crypto space could be influenced by a paradigm shift seen in the UAE, with the country’s interests shifting from oil to cryptocurrencies and metaverse among other technological innovations, blockchain and wider. For example, the country plans to become a blockchain capital by enacting a legal framework to aid the operation of blockchain companies.

The United Arab Emirates have already created several free zones in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (no tax due). In addition, crypto firms were given the green light to settle in the Dubai Multi-Commodities Center (DMCC) free zone last year.

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