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Egypt, Greece collaborate on healthcare development, medical tourism – Dailynewsegypt

In the context of the “Abu Dhabi International Healthcare Week” in the UAE, Egypt’s Health Minister, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, engaged in productive talks with his Greek counterpart, Adonis Georgiadis. The dialogue centred on enhancing healthcare infrastructure and sharing knowledge in cutting-edge health technologies, including telemedicine and digital health.

The spokesperson for Egypt’s Health Ministry, Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, highlighted discussions on mutual exchanges of medical expertise and the potential for healthcare professionals to engage in collaborative research, training, and exchange programs.

The ministers also strategized on tackling shared health challenges, such as infectious diseases and public health crises, while also focusing on improving pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution processes to boost healthcare quality and affordability.

A key aspect of the talks was the promotion of health tourism. The ministers explored ways to leverage both nations’ medical prowess, infrastructure, and natural resources to attract a global patient demographic.

Lastly, the meeting reviewed progress in ongoing cooperative efforts in epidemiology, genetics, pharmaceutical sciences, and clinical trials, reaffirming the commitment to continued bilateral health advancements.