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Egypt and Türkiye forge promising cultural partnership – Egyptian Gazette

The Director of the Yunus Emre Institute in Cairo, Emin Poyraz, believes that there are promising opportunities for Egypt and Türkiye to establish a productive partnership in the near future.

Poyraz said during an iftar ceremony which the institute organised at a five-star hotel in Cairo at the weekend: “This cultural exchange extends beyond the realms of art and culture. It also plays a crucial role in supporting and developing political, economic, and tourism sectors.”

Turkish Ambassador Salih Mutlu Şen, a number of diplomats and notable figures from Egypt’s arts and culture scene attended the iftar party.

Poyraz said that during President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent visit to Egypt, he acknowledged the high demand for learning the Turkish language at the Yunus Emre Institute in Cairo, which is the largest centre of its kind globally.

“Over 50,000 Egyptians have already learned Turkish through the Institute, with a significant number of young people finding employment opportunities in various fields,” Poyraz said.

Poyraz added that the Institute will continue to facilitate academic interaction and collaboration between Türkiye and Egypt.

He explained that Egyptian universities have around twenty departments focusing on Turkish language and literature.

“The Institute also hosts scholarship programmes and plans on welcoming Egyptian academics and students from Turkish Language and Literature departments in Türkiye during the upcoming summer months,” he said.

In an effort to promote scientific and technological cooperation, the Institute encourages Egyptian children and youth to participate in Teknofest, Türkiye’s Aerospace, and Technology Festival in September, he said.

Poyraz added that the Institute, opened in 2010, aims to strengthen cooperation in the artistic field through participation in concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, festivals, and by facilitating interactions between cultural and artistic figures from both countries.

“We also strive to bring together artists and cultural figures from both countries for collaborative works and events.”

Turkish Ambassador Salih Mutlu Şen delivering his speech at the Cairo event.

Meanwhile, Turkish Ambassador Mutlu Şen said that the culture that resonates most with the Turkish people is Egyptian culture.

He added that the countries that hold the deepest affection for Türkiye are Egypt, Azerbaijan, and Pakistan.

The institute is named after the 13th century Sufi Yunus Emre as a tribute to its embodiment of humanitarian values, humanism, and social harmony.