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Egis wins management role on 22km Alexandria metro line – Global Construction Review

Misr station in Alexandria, Egypt (Abdelrhman 1990/CC BY-SA 3.0)
France’s Egis will be the lead consultant for the Abou Qir Metro line in Alexandria, Egypt.

It’s a 22km-long route running from the city’s Misr Station to Abu Qir, a town on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast.

The electrified metro route will mirror an existing diesel railway line.

Work is divided into two sections: a 15.5km elevated section and a 6km ground-level line.

14 stations will be built along the elevated section and six along the ground-level route. Stations will connect to the Raml Tram and existing rail network.

Egis’ scope of work includes contract management and construction supervision.

Egis will work alongside Egypt’s National Authority for Tunnels and Engineering Consultants Group S.A.

Omar Benzaria, Egis’ transportation director in the Middle East & South Asia, said: “As we look to the future of urban mobility, the shift towards integrated, sustainable transit solutions becomes increasingly imperative.

“This new metro line project represents a significant part of this trend, showcasing how innovative engineering and strategic planning can redefine and future-proof urban landscapes.”

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