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DXB’s Northern Runway Rehabilitation Project in the UAE Nears Completion,

The Dubai International Airport (DXB)’s Northern Runway Rehabilitation Project whose objective is to enhance the operational efficiency, capacity, and safety of the runway alongside all of its supporting systems, is reportedly nearing completion. 

According to Dubai Airports Company, the airport authority that owns and manages airports in Dubai, the project has surpassed its scheduled midway point and it is projected to re-open this year, more specifically by June 22.

Scope of the DXB’s Northern Runway Rehabilitation Project

Search for construction leads

In a statement, the airport’s operator revealed the essential work for the project includes the strengthening of the wider runway strip and reinforcing the paving on key taxiway exits as well as entries. The works also feature the resurfacing of the entire 4.5-kilometer-long runway and the repairing of drainage infrastructure.

In addition to the aforementioned works, the meteorological equipment are also going to be replaced as well as the aeronautical ground lighting and navigational aids. The airport’s operator also revealed that the navigation aids substation is going to be relocated as the Southern runway continues to be operational.

In an effort to stay on track with the works more than 3,000 people, and 1,000 vehicles have been deployed onsite.

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