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DubaiDoge is Bringing The Only DOGE to DUBAI !! Check them out!!

Hamburg, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

BILLIONS is what you can stand to make if you invest in the hottest new project. If you missed on the Lambo with the original doge coin don’t worry, our favorite doge is back with a bang with the some Arabic characteristics. This time you don’t need luck to strike oil, as the opportunity is coming to you in a silver plater with the amazing and the next biggest coin to rule them all – DubaiDoge.This coin is the future of the emerging crypto market that will soon dominate the industry. This is an extremely rare opportunity as the chance to get financial independence and early retirement does not come often. This is especially good for those who want to break free from the mindless rat race to survive in this world, while not receiving proper compensation for the amount work they do. This also great for people who want to break free from the shackles endless cycle of debt and be free. It will allow you to be rich enough to enjoy life and not just survive.

DubaiDoge differentiates itself from other coins by having very low taxes at just 10%. This 10% is not just going in their pocket, instead this money will work for you in increasing your invest multi-fold.

The aforementioned 10% is divided into four parts:-

  • 5% Is for marketing to increasing the awareness and attract more investment which would lead to increase in market cap which will in turn makes you money.
  • 2% is for development of the project which increases its effectiveness and utility. It will also help it stay relevant in the ever changing market.
  • 2% is for the amazing, dedicated and experienced team that has brought you this project and to hire more people industry leading professionals which will be required as this project grows into the behemoth that it can in turn into.
  • 1% will be used for increasing the liquidity in the market.

The future for this project is extremely bright. This coin is well planned, it is destined for glory, this will be achieved by four pillars success as planned by the developers. The 4 main targets of the project include:-

  • To attract attention and sealing its place as a big player in the BSC space. Also launching our very own staking platform which provide a chance for our early investors to get high APY.
  • To get listed on coin tracking platform to increase awareness about this gateway to get rich.
  • To surpass the existing giants in the BSC space and leading the market to new heights.
  • Finally to launch our project DubaiDoge on ETH blockchain and becoming a household name over there as well. After gaining immense success in ETH blockchain this project could act as bridge between BSC and ETH blockchain.

The project had its Presale filled in 2 minutes on CookieSale which has been one of the fastest sales and that too with the current market condition. Staking APY will be up to 1000%. The creators have tons of Influencers on board. The project is targeted towards Dubai’s richest people and to make it possible for the general public as well. The launch on ETH-Blockchain is coming very soon. The huge giveaway that is currently active is a flight ticket to Dubai, and everyone who has invested more than 1 BnB will be eligible for the same. Huge giveaways will be starting soon after launch which can be included as few of the biggest giveaways on Binance Smart Chain.