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Dubai stores will charge for plastic from July 1: Everything you need to know

Single-use bags at counters will be charged 25 fils starting July 1 in retail, textile and electronic establishments, restaurants, and pharmacies, as reported by the Khaleej Times. E-commerce deliveries are likewise subject to the tariff.

The move will be examined ‘over several stages’ until single-use carrier bags are totally prohibited within two years, as said by the Dubai Executive Council.

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According to a survey conducted by the Dubai Executive Council, 100 percent of firms support a total ban or charge on single-use bags. Around 85 per cent of Dubai residents are in favor of the move.

The initiative, according to the Dubai Executive Council, will improve environmental sustainability by encouraging people to use less plastic.

The Dubai Municipality released a Q&A on Friday, answering many queries citizens and retailers may have regarding the plastic ban.

Here are few of the important Q&A’s listed below:

What are the bag’s specifications and quality covered by the decision?

The fee will be applied at the time of purchase to all single-use bags used to carry products of following criteria:

The thickness of each bag is less than 57 micrometres. Bags made of plastic, paper, biodegradable plastic, and plant-based biodegradable materials are among the examples.

Is the retailer required to follow the 25 fils per bag tariff?

All retailers must charge a 25-fils fee for each single-use bag, also if provided by the store different fee can be placed on sustainable (reusable) alternatives.

Is it possible to use paper bags as a free alternative?

The tariff applies to all single-use bags for carrying goods, including paper bags with a thickness of less than 57 micrometres, and stores are not required to give free alternatives because the purpose is to encourage consumers to change their habits in order to protect the environment.

Is the tariff in the shops mandatory or optional?

All establishments that provide single-use bags for carrying items are required to pay the tariff.

Is it possible to give alternative bags to plastic bags?

Yes, however if the specifications match the single-use bags for carrying products, the tariff applies to the alternatives.

When will the tariff go into effect? When will bag circulation be prohibited in general?

The tariff will come into effect on July 1, 2022. Within two years, a complete prohibition will be enacted.

Is the tariff calculated even if the customer carries his own bag?

If the customer brings his own bag, the tariff is not calculated.

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