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Dubai Ranks First as the World’s Most Overworked City

Dubai is definitely a magnet to job seekers all over the world. However, a new study reveals that it might not be the perfect city for those who prioritize a healthy work-life balance since it ranked first among 100 cities as the most overworked city.

According to the recent study released on Wednesday by mobile access technology company Kisi, the best city for work-life balance is the Norwegian capital, Oslo, while the city with the most overworked population is the busy emirate, Dubai.

Dubai as the most overworked city


According to the study, Dubai is the only city among the 100 cities selected for this research that scored 100 in the “unemployment” factor. In addition, Dubai managed to be among the top 5 safest cities, ranking second to Signapore and beating major European cities like Copenhagen and Helsinki. 

The study is based on various factors such as work intensity and city livability as well as quality health care, and affordable cost-of-living.

One of the interesting aspects about this study is that it also shed the lights on the cities with the most remote jobs, since it’s becoming the norms for a lot of companies since the pandemic outbreak, and a preference for job seekers as well.

Without further ado, here are the best and worst cities for work-life balance in 2022.

Best Cities for Work-Life Balance in 2022

1. Oslo – Norway

2. Bern – Switzerland

3. Helsinki – Finland

4. Zurich – Switzerland

5. Copenhagen – Denmark

6. Geneva – Switzerland

7. Ottawa – Canada

8. Sydney – Australia

9. Stuttgart – Germany

10. Munich – Germany

Most Overworked Cities in 2022

1. Dubai – UAE

2. Hong Kong – China

3. Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

4. Singapore – Singapore

5. Montevideo – Uruguay

6. Tokyo – Japan

7. Bangkok – China

8. Cape Town – South Africa

9. Lisbon – Portugal

10. Budapest – Hungary 

Cities with the most remote jobs

1. Singapore – Singapore

2. Washington – USA

3. Austin – USA

4. Bern – Switzerland 

5. Zurich – Switzerland

6. Geneva – Switzerland

7. San Francisco – USA

8. Boston – USA

9. Stockholm – Sweden

10. Liverpool – UK

One of the few benefits of the pandemic that flipped our lives upside down is that people now are more aware of the importance of a healthy work-life balance. So make sure to choose wisely when you decide to relocate for a job opportunity.